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This is a fascinating question, and one with an interesting answer. In a 2009 study, researchers asked dance fans to share their favorite dance styles. Here is what they found:

We can say that dance fangirls are the most likely to say they would like to learn a new dance. For example, while more than seven in ten say they would like to learn the jazz, three in five of dance fans want dance to learn a new dance because it is new.

Why is that? It may have to do with what we’ve come to call “dance magic,” a term that comes from the way it is the case for the other music-related categories in the study, where the fan is asked to say what they would like to see. It is also because in these categories, as the researchers explain, “sophisticated dance fans are likely to express specific needs and want-schemes when it comes to learning a new style.” They write that “an avid dance fan can be expected to have extensive knowledge about other genres of dance and the choreography to be used in dancing to that particular format.”

This isn’t to say that dance fans are always looking for what is cool, though. But when it comes to the dance, fans seem to be more willing to buy a ticket to a live performance and take the risk of spending money to make it happen. In terms of how to learn a new dance style, they want to get their hands on the styles as quickly as possible.

What does the dance look like?

This category is also a difficult one. Dancers and choreographers get a lot of use out of their styles and what they have to say. As a result of that, it is understandable that when it comes to learning a new dance style, we want to know what the move looks like. In order to get that, we need to see videos like this of what the style looks like first hand, since it gives the dancers and performers an opportunity to be their very best.

You can definitely take a few guesses about the style of the video that you’ve seen. It is very likely that the video did not have any training as this style has been taught many times before for people outside of New York. It may have been filmed more or less recently, but that is less likely than trying to do it yourself.

What is it like?

The next question is: how do I go see an actual dance performance

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