How does dance help mental health? – Six Types Of Social Dances

Dance therapy helps people with anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to:

Relieve stress

Recover from trauma and anxiety

Take control of their mood and thoughts

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See changes in their body

Recognize that their fears have become less intense

Learn that anxiety and stress aren’t the only aspects of their condition

Practice self-care

The University of Pennsylvania Dances in Recovery program is a program of the University of Pennsylvania and the School of Nursing that helps patients in recovery from depression, anxiety, chronic pain, or other serious mental problems.

Dances in Recovery is part of the Psychology Undergraduate Program for Women.

Getting help

To find a therapist or other mental health professional who specializes in dance therapy, follow these steps:

Go to the Philadelphia Dance Therapy Listings page to find a dance therapist near you

or call (215) 569-0606.

Visit for a list of therapists in Penn.

Follow the links on this page to ask a question

Contact the University at 215-569-0606 as soon as you have a problem or have a question.

Check all these links for free medical exams, free psycho-rehab visits, and other information.

Do you have a question about therapy or treatment? Do you need more information? We would like answers. Please mail your question to: Dances in Recovery Program

University of Pennsylvania

Department of Psychology

1201 N. 3rd Street

Philadelphia, PA 19106-3316

or call: (215) 569-2667.

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