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I would say that one of the best songs I ever played is “Don’t Think Twice!” by The Doors. We were taught the dance from a very young age and it was the first dance we ever did.

That’s always been the key. The fact that it is an acoustic song and the fact that you can do a couple of moves and you can do it almost with your head — the fact that you can move your hips and your knee and the way you move your body and the way you put your hands out, that is the key for the dance.

If you were to go do a dance like that now today, would it be easier to learn?

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I would say, definitely not. When I was dancing, people like Judy Garland would go with me. If you did it now and if you can really play something that moves and your whole body moves, that can totally be easy. You can get a lot of people to do it.

What’s the biggest difference between today and 20 years ago?

The speed of dance. It looks different and the way you can move the bodies, the way you move your head and the way your body reacts in space — it’s much more precise. Back in the day, everybody was more fluid, but now it is so much more precise. The speed is a big one, but the fact that you can move at a fast rate and then change to a slower ball, it’s an art form.

Do your dances affect your career?

Definitely. As long as you do it and know how to move the body in the right way and have a good idea of what you want to do, you will do well. My dad always said there’s no competition with a man that moves his body in a certain way.

There are many men who are very good dancers but there will be a man out there who is not a dancer that still has a lot of tricks but who also has got a great dance. So that’s exciting. That’s what it comes down to. The best dancers are some of the most amazing people in the world.

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