What are the three choreographic elements of dance? – Social Dance Studio Of Grand Rapids


1. The rhythm of each part of the dance. This is usually the most well defined of elements of dance but often needs to be developed in a specific way for a dance, because that’s one way of making it unique. There’s often a long, drawn out and often repetitive period of what is simply a set movement of the hips, but also the feet, in this case and then the legs. It’s not just about the hips and feet.

2. The energy of each part of the dance. This, and the physicality of the movement itself, is what moves people and allows them to move. It’s also a very subtle element that is very hard to describe but has an important effect on how the dance is perceived. For example, a ballet dancer’s feet may be moving at a very high rate of speed and can seem like a great choreography element, but the energy is not really that exciting in nature. It’s a way of using the energy rather than just the physical qualities of movement (of course)

Why are there so few choreographic elements within dance?

That’s actually a really complicated issue, but there’s a few that are important. Dance is often a very complex art form, which makes it an odd choice. We need some kind of physical element to help describe exactly who’s taking moves (how long does the dance take? the distance taken?) but because we’re making it so complex, there’s a tendency to add more elements to the mix than there actually is. One way to take care of this is to have a very clearly defined set of elements that everyone can work towards.

There’s also a tendency to do this by using visual elements (which is also a problem) which add an element of noise, a way of “telling” when a person is in the right place and does the right thing. Again, the physical elements help.

There are also a limited number of rules that are designed to make the dance more exciting, like the head turns, where a dancer has to do a series of small moves to the opposite leg. Of course, those types of moves are used for different reasons, but the rule that’s most useful is the “point” of an ankle, and they can be seen clearly on any dancer’s ankle without any help at all. When you have a lot of rule elements to work with, you can get bogged down in creating more complexity.

There is a good balance between

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