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This is what dancing with me is about.”

“Dancing?” I mumbled back.

“Yeah, I don’t really understand what dancing is like. It’s like, I get it, dancing with you is what dancing in front of you.”

I gave up. I was probably only going to get the idea from this movie.

“Dancing,” my husband said as he looked at the movie’s poster. “Is something everyone does.” He laughed.

“It’s something everyone does. What is it like? Do they like to dance? Are they good at it? I don’t know. I haven’t been dancing before, so I haven’t been good.”

My children were the third person to agree with me that this movie was not exactly the most effective and/or engaging educational tool. I just took that to heart, and went on.

In a video recorded by a bystander, two men can be seen on a sidewalk shouting and shooting down at the same time. The bystander who recorded this video uploaded the video to YouTube last week which has gained more than 10 million views.

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AMY GOODMAN: We go to Seattle, Washington, right here in Seattle. In this hour we’re joined by three guests. We’re joined by John Pilger. He’s senior lecturer in film and television at Columbia University, he has just released a report called ‘War Is Not Over: The Real Cost of U.S. Wars.’

JAMES RODRIGUEZ: Right here at University of California at Berkeley, the campus that gave us the world famous Free Speech Movement, and we’ve all been there. And of course we remember the night those two campuses became a sort of staging area for riots, and what’s been the last seven months of riots in Berkeley and at the University of California, Berkeley. And certainly those who have been out and actively involved on behalf of students, faculty, the community, have been in very, very painful times—

AMY GOODMAN: So, James, you’re going to be here in Seattle, and we’d like you to join us here and talk about what happened in Berkeley last night, the rioting, the violence. Talk about some of the questions that you raise, and how did the riots at UC Berkeley end?

JAMES RODRIGUEZ: Yes, so, UC Berkeley was a sort of the

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