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A special, secret code which is designed to be shared between different teams. You may need to give up your identity on some occasions.

ChaCha is basically a code that has a single purpose of creating tension and creating a situation of competition, especially among different teams. This creates competition and encourages teams to prove themselves and become better and higher.

What’s the meaning behind ChaCha?


A special code which is designed to be shared between different teams. You may need to give up your identity on some occasions.

So that’s it?



Let’s move on to some of the more important questions which are all related to team collaboration!

So you are a founder or co-founder of a startup. Who does your team work for?


A startup is a company which has an aim to make a product which others can use as a catalyst to build a product of their own. These companies can be founded by individuals or small groups of employees. There are several different ways of starting a startup, we will cover five of them in this blog post in a future post. We will look a bit more at the business structure of your startup in the last post of this series. (This is only a basic outline of the information in this section, there’s a lot to cover!)

You will also need to know your team well, what they do, and what their skills are to be able to answer these questions.

Why did you decide on a founder / co founder structure?

What are SOCIAL NEWS? What do SOCIAL NEWS mean? SOCIAL ...

We wanted to establish the foundation for a good teamwork working environment. While we were designing your team we thought of a co-founder / founder structure because it is the most efficient organisation that we could imagine.

To start a startup is tough. There is no way to create a simple structure from scratch, and building one on the fly isn’t fun at all! So you need a system in place that you can trust.

With a co-founder / founder team structure you can do that. You are guaranteed that your co-founder/founder won’t start working too much while you are working, your co-founder can also take your place when you need him or her. And if they are too busy you can send them an email while they do their

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