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Hip hop, hip hop dance music, and hip hop dance choreography. The choreography of hip hop can be divided in many different categories, including dance, music, and theater. Hip Hop Dance, as the dance or form of hip hop, is considered the traditional dance form of popular music and has a well-defined and developed body of dance techniques. Music in hip hop dance music is usually melodic and usually accompanied by a rhythm or tempo. Dance elements often include various body and movements, movements of the head, arms, legs and dance steps. Music composition and composition of music lyrics are also very prominent in hip hop. Hip hop dance music is more complex than dance music and includes many elements (melodic, rhythms, harmonies, vocals, music, etc.) which are not found in traditional dance music. Hip hop is a genre of music composed and produced primarily for the hip hop community in the United States and throughout the world.

How should the audience experience hip hop dance music?
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The most prominent feature of hip hop dance music is rhythm and dynamics. Rhythm, sometimes called syncopation, is the movement of a beat along a line in the music. A syncopated rhythm has long been considered one of the most important elements of a dance piece, especially within hip hop. The beat is often played at a fast tempo (sometimes called bar-rate), the tempo being dependent on the music and other factors, including other dancers’ dancing style and the audience’s dance experience. As a choreographer, you must make sure that every movement, motion and rhythm of your performance accurately portrays the flow of the musical track.

When and how should the audience perceive this music genre?

As is the case with many genres of music, there are multiple ways to experience and view hip hop dance music. Some people hear hip hop dance music primarily playing on FM radio, the popular stations of their favorite musicians and/or on television or in movie theaters. In this case, the most important thing to remember is that you are not simply listening to music but, rather, a cultural phenomenon. Hip hop dancers and composers have used the beat, melody lines and dance techniques from other popular musical genres, especially hip hop, for centuries. Hip hop dance music is so important to the culture of hip hop music, especially to the hip hop community in the US, that it often plays in movie theaters during certain movies and is played at dances and concerts throughout the world to the music that was originally composed

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