What are the 10 dances?

I’ve gone to a few parties and danced with quite a few people and they all have different ways of doing their dance. The 10 most common dances are:

Ace of Base, which is a fancy form of base dance. A very easy to learn, but quite slow.


Ace of Base

This dance usually involves more than one dancer and is known as “Base Dancing”.


Curls, which is a more challenging alternative to Base Dancing.


Dance of the Vibes (This dance is not considered a dance.)

This dance is a way of mixing up base dances and is often combined with an Ace of Base (often called “Rope Dance”)


Ace of Base

This is the main dance. Basically, it’s just a mix of a traditional base dance and a twist or turn on it: see the picture. This is an easy dance to learn but takes a while, so make sure the person has time for it before the dance to make sure they’re ready.


Dance of the Vibes

This dance is very tricky to learn. You’ll have to work a lot on the body movements and be careful you don’t twist out of control. You don’t want to give your partner too much too do in a short window of time — you want to stretch your partner out! See the picture. This dance can be a little challenging if you don’t have a friend to help with it. See the picture for an example of how you can do this dance.



In case you can’t read my explanation! You’ll find this dance in the “Spinning” section. You try to twist your partner to make them jump even faster than usual.

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This dance is often described as “Fantasy Flinging”. The other dance of the Vibes is called “Dance of The Waves”, and is a good way to keep your partner busy while mixing up the other dances.



This dance can be described as a very interesting spinning dance but is also a very powerful one. Most people don’t have any previous knowledge of what’s going