What are all the different types of dance?

Well, let’s list the types of dance, that’s it.

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Gymnastics is a form of dance where you perform a dance routine within an actual gym floor. For example: doing a jump squat is in an actual gym because it’s a gym. If you were to perform a jump jacking routine, it would be in an actual gym because it’s a gym. Gymnastics, is a type of dance that involves moving along a line and performing a motion, but in addition to the motion there is also the movement of other individuals in the line, all of which must be synchronized in order for the dance to be effective.


Jazz is a dance that involves moving along a line. The line does not have to actually be a wall, but generally one does not make a “Jazz” from a horizontal line moving along the floor – that would be lame. The same goes for when you play with people during a jazz gig. Jazz has been around since old times and has grown exponentially throughout our history; it is a dance that utilizes the natural beauty and rhythm that we find in various musical instruments to generate a dynamic effect. Jazz is a type of dance that involves making your way along a line, usually moving forward and backward, to create various combinations of the sounds and rhythms that exist in different instruments.

Jazz is also referred to as the “dancing with instruments” dance, because it incorporates sounds, sounds, sounds, and is a dance that requires a certain style of movement which requires people with a certain skill set to learn how to do certain things as well.

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