What are social dances and dance mixers? – Social Dances Are Also Called

A: There are two basic types to this. The first is where you sit down at your local place and there is some music, a DJ plays and you have a couple of drinks in one of your bars. The other is where you have the dancers or bakers mix things up by having a ballroom and having some friends and dancing and playing music. Dance mixes happen all over the world and usually have a bit of everything that goes along with it.

Q: What is the purpose of the dancemixer?

A: Dance mixers are typically made on a Friday or Saturday night and it’s essentially a social night, where people dance and play music to each other from the bars and a lot of times you have two or three bands. It’s fun, it’s a bonding experience and if you bring in a DJ it’s a great way to get people out where they might not otherwise go. It all depends what kind of music they like and how many people they’re going to have.

Q: Who gets to vote on who plays at a dance mix?

A: For example you might think that if you get in and people like your stuff, you’re going to get some votes and then if you’re going to a dance mix you have to get into the dance party that night. But it’s a bit more involved than that, it’s a lot of planning. For example we make a list for every person at the dance and we say ‘What will you be playing?’ and then people have to pick what they like to see and who will be doing it.

Q: What kind of music is played in the dance mixes?

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A: Most dance mixes have some form of music involved. At least 90% of them, but sometimes just 30% or less, but we can find more than that. In the US a lot of it has to be hip hop and sometimes it might feature some classic rock that’s been done a hundred times and some things from the past. There’s almost always some kind of dance music playing in here because if it’s not, it usually means it’s not going to be good. But if it’s good it will be played here.

Q: Who goes to DJ a dance mix?

A: It depends on what kind of DJ they like. A lot of people tend to do the dance mixes because it’s such a fun activity. So it has definitely got a big impact on me and my friends,

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