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I’d have to say dance has helped me mentally more than anything else in life. My body had started to go through certain stages, and I’d found it difficult to move as I wanted, so I’d have to spend long periods of time resting, and then spend the whole day dancing. That’s when I started to feel a lot better mentally, and as I was dancing so much and working hard to get better, I started to lose the negative parts that I was having.

A bit like a muscle man or a baseball pitcher, you’re using your muscles to maintain a certain body part, but as we get older and our body starts to atrophy (as it tends to do), we start to use what’s left of it to create a stronger, healthier version of ourselves.

When was the last time you went for a run?

There’s so many things I could have done, like doing a bit outside of dance, but there was just no time. I just had to focus on my dancing and get fit so I could go for a run on a Monday day, or on a Thursday, or when I had an extra session before finals.

So that makes sense. I always went for a run and just enjoyed it, but now that I’ve started working out in the gym and have got a bit more work done on my body, I can go for a run if I want.

When did you become an “out and about”?

Probably about three years ago now. I don’t think I was “out and about” at that time. I had been working out and keeping fit through dance for 10-12 years, but I just moved to Dublin and things were happening to me that were taking me out. By the time I was 21 or 22, it was more than a decade from then, a bit like when I started to have an eating disorder. I lost my weight, I ate too much food, I didn’t feel as well, I’d been taking too many drugs, I got hooked on the music, and then I fell into this cycle. I had to move to England on my own for work, so when I did go out, I’d go up for about an hour with a friend, a bit of a stroll along the seaside, then walk in and have a pint of beer and then go straight home. I’d never been a real social person before these changes, and for as long as I have been an actor, I

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