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When you say popular dance, people have an immediate reaction. They think, “What is a dance?” But what do you actually mean when you say “popular dance”? Does “popular social dance” mean anything at all when you’re talking about the dance of love or affection? How would you say this about a dance that’s simply social? Like, it’s like people saying your name or a phrase in a conversation or something and you hear someone say it but you can’t understand them. Now I don’t mean to say that this is an example of social dancing that is in any way different from other dancing. But the two just don’t feel the same to me.

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What’s the difference? We often use the word “popular” to describe social dances (I’ve even seen it used as a synonym for social dancing). But really what I mean is not popular social dance, I mean a kind of dances that are popular or social because it is popular or social. Like, what would a guy like you in a certain dance like to do? Like, what type of stuff are you into that other couples don’t like? Some of these dances really aren’t even social dances at all.

I want to talk a bit about this, because I think the term popular is very important and that the term popular dance has become overly narrow in our modern culture. I know it’s a bit confusing for the general public what I’m talking about. I’m sure there are many people who say, “Why the hell don’t we just stick with the word dance or something and be done with it?” That’s what the first-world country’s doing right now. But that just isn’t going to fly with the next generation. They’re only a couple generations from us now and they don’t understand. They’re too busy playing their own personalized version of the rules.

Some people have actually said to me, “Well we should just use the word ‘social’ instead.” And I’m thinking, yeah, okay, but what about the idea of the “community”? When someone says something that sounds to them like a dance, what does that mean? A word like “community” is very simple to understand and we’re all part of the same kind of dance.

Let’s look at the two very important dance styles known to me that are often called popular, or “fairy” dances. Fairy dancing is what most people think of when they’re talking about popular dance. And it

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