Who owns Corel software?

Most computer manufacturers do, and they pay us a fee for it. The reason they usually don’t pay us is that they don’t like us. We use to work at Intel – now they want to kill off the competition. When they hired me, they thought I would be more of a friend than a professional. At Intel, the company only paid me about 15 percent of my salary because the company was so rich and didn’t want to have to pay that much to an outside person to use their code. It’s not like we were making more money.

What’s your most useful project at Corel?

I am doing research on the way humans are able to organize information. Our team is developing a program that allows it to parse a large number of different kinds of documents in order to find the things that are important. At the moment, this involves doing a full search through billions of records. Our project is based on what a programmer would do to a file in order to find out what is relevant. We are working on a very complicated algorithm that would allow it to detect things that are relevant based on the relationship of two documents.

What’s your biggest project and why is it the most important to you?
Fungus and moulds - FoAP

We’ve been developing an algorithm over and over again that we believe might actually work. We’ve tested it a number of times by putting hundreds of people through it. We’ve seen a very good return for everyone.

How do companies benefit from your work?

If a company wants to compete, they should hire a programmer because the programmer can solve a problem. If other companies don’t use a large network of programmers, they risk losing their competitive edge and not knowing who their competitors are.

What’s your favorite past time?

We don’t go out too often. But we did have a nice day in London that lasted for a couple of hours.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Do what you love. I mean, I love creating something that I can be proud of and people can be proud of. My biggest advice to someone who is starting their career in software development: don’t worry about the name. Just do what you love, like coding. If you really want to be successful you should be doing something you care a lot about.

What are you up to on your holiday?

I’ve been spending a lot of time with my family and some of my friends. I have a