How does free prints make money?

The simple answer is that it just makes you feel good. That’s it. It’s a win-win. If the print is good enough for free, people are more likely to want to buy. You may also raise the amount of money you can generate by making more copies. In fact, if your paper or magazine is getting really popular, you may wish to stop printing issues and sell them in bulk to other writers. You still may make a small profit as you sell the paper or magazine, but if each issue runs around a dollar, that’s a very real possibility.

It’s also important to note that print advertising and selling ads isn’t the only way people profit from a free print issue. Other ways include:

Selling or printing items on your free print (in addition to printing your own) – There is money in a free print magazine even if the product isn’t being sold at any price. In fact, many people who find them a little difficult to sell seem to do quite a bit of sales on their free print; it may be a good source of money.

Renting – Free print is a great way to make money. With many people, the only way to get a magazine or newspaper is (1) to use it for free and then have to pay a fee for the paper, or (2) to buy it at a high price and have to pay you to receive it. Even if you get to buy your paper, it may not cost as much as if you rented it. You also often get a great deal on the rental and the sale of the items, sometimes up to 10-20 percent per issue. As you may have guessed, rent-to-own and renting-to-own are two very legitimate money-making options in the art and print industry. If you choose a business that offers both these options, try to get your free print magazine at least 1,500 copies in stock.

Purchasing – Just like using a commercial printer to make your newspaper or art gallery cards or paintings, printing your own free magazine is no different than renting an office printer. Don’t make that mistake. Free print magazines are a great way to sell direct to your friends and family, and some people purchase hundreds of copies as part of regular sales.


Another reason for making free print magazine available to all is that people can make very small profit in a short period; for instance, if they order five copies of a