Which stock photo site pays the most?

I know that my photos get some great images, but I also believe that stock sites deserve recognition for the quality they provide. What is a good stock photo site?

A stock photo site is a site which has very well-known photographers. For our site, we would like to share photos from our daily routines: the breakfast when we wake up, the lunch with the family, lunch for dinner, the last visit when we return home from school, and the afternoon swims we did together during the summer. If you are looking for a good stock photo site, then one of the websites mentioned in the questions above would be a good first choice.

What is your current favorite method of purchasing or uploading images to your site?

Currently as on today, the most popular method of buying a stock image is the purchase of a professional photo license. There is another viable method though, which is to upload an image on a popular stock-image site, so it can be included on the site.

How do you get your photos to look so amazing?

My most effective stock photo-selling methods are: 1) selling more images than I’m allowed through this site, which is often achieved through the use of the discount codes I have already posted, 2) including more images than I am allowed through this site in my newsletter, 3) including more images on my blog and website and 4) making sure not to violate the stock images terms or terms and conditions which we accept.

What is the best piece of advice for a stock-photographer that you have given?

I believe that the best advice is always based on experience. Therefore, I would advise anyone to apply for a professional photo license if it is available. As long as you have taken the time to find a professional license, you are good to go.

Any other advice you would like to pass along to the stock-photographers that visit the site?

All our stock site visitors are very smart people which make us a happy and fulfilled couple. If you are on Facebook or Instagram, make sure you like our page which is a great way to communicate with our visitors and you might just find some new friends.

If you are looking for personal help with your portfolio, get in touch with us – we love to learn from your experiences and have helped many many new users get the perfect stock photos they want.

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