What’s trending in photography?

#1 The growth of mobile phones has given photographers more opportunities to capture the moment and share it easily for digital consumption.

#2 It allows more people to access the world of the photographer in new ways—not just for personal use, but for business and professional purposes as well.

#3 It has helped to popularize an increasingly global audience, and made photography accessible to new audiences in more places.

#4 The proliferation of digital cameras and other digital cameras can allow photographers to explore every inch of an event to capture moments that otherwise would go unnoticed.

#5 It has allowed people to develop new ways of working with digital cameras to produce and share images—both new and old.

#6 Because of the high-resolution cameras and lenses available today, we can capture the full visual effects of events in unprecedented detail.

#7 The digital camera is changing photography itself. While most images are still made by hand, the growing availability of high-quality digital cameras means our images have become more like drawings.

#8 The growth of the Internet has allowed anyone to photograph anywhere, which has allowed people to get in touch with people and ideas—much more than just their own locations.

#9 The growth of the Internet has accelerated the development of new, innovative technologies so that we can capture the entire picture and offer it for entertainment and commercial purposes.

#10 There is no limit to the possibilities of what new technologies can enable in photography as people can bring their creative ideas to fruition via computer, iPad, or smartphone.

Who are the top photographers who inspire you? What do they do?

Top 10 Most Influential Photographers

There are dozens of photographers who have influenced, and continue to influence, the way many people approach photography—the biggest names being:


Nikon: Peter Zumthor

Peter Zumthor Leica:

Leica: Peter König

Peter König Leitz:

Leitz: Alfred Schmitt

Alfred Schmitt Leica:

Leica: Hans-Joachim Schmitt

Hans-Joachim Schmitt A. Lange & Sohne:

A. Lange & Sohne: Hans-Joachim Schmitt Leica:

Leica: Robert Capa

Robert Capa Fuji:

Fuji: Yoshinari Kawamoto