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We’re pretty sure the first one. We’re talking about Flickr, where we’ve found the biggest payout — $100 a day in April alone, up from a single cent a month ago. And why should your Flickr card count?

Flickr, of course, is where millions of free photos go to die, so the amount of money you’re paying for an online photo-hosting service should reflect the quality of the service. We used to like Flickr, in fact. But it was too easy to “friend” others. So we gave up and began using Stockstagram instead. Stockstagram has been around since 2010. It now has thousands of photos, much of them shot by professional photographers, and it’s a big deal. It gets its cash from fees paid to the sites which provide the stock photos, like Imgur, Reddit or Daily Photo.

That’s where I come in. It’s not that Stock Stagram is bad. In fact, most of its stock photos contain good subjects. But it’s easy to pay a premium for these photos, and this makes it an easy target for theft.
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In fact, some sites in the free stock images category are more prone to theft than others — Imgur and Reddit come to mind.

That doesn’t mean Stock Stagram is bad too. Stock Stagram is one of the first sites built on the concept of “free photos for everyone,” so it has its share of nice photos. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad service. It’s just not as strong as Imgur or Reddit.

Stock Stagram has lots of big names. A lot of them make great photos, like:

Justin Bieber for $1 from Imgur. Imgur makes just $10 for 50,000 “subscribers”; a user who subscribes for just one day gets a single photo for $20 when that day’s photo upload deadline hits.

A lot of people take photos with cameras that are well-equipped — if their shots are shot well. A lot of Instagram photos, for instance, are of very good people.

But, some people are paid to take photos.

One of them is a New York-based startup called Stock Photos. This startup is different from others because it’s using a paywall to charge a small fee for a user’s uploading — you’ll be credited $0.01 a day for a few days of uploading, or just $2.50 for 10,

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