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As you probably know, UI design is a big area. You can make your applications look pretty nice or even very simple, if you don’t want to spend too much time to make the app. You also, as you’ll know, need to be very careful with a design, so you have to use lots of different tools (both free and commercial). As you’ll know, I used Sketch before for my mobile application as well.

In this post, I will discuss about the best design software for designers out there – Sketch.

1 – What is Sketch?

The free version of Sketch is quite easy. You can make pretty simple applications too. I really like Sketch for mobile apps. You can make any kind of mobile app easily.

There’s no reason why not to use it. It’s absolutely free to download.

2 – What is it good for?

Sketch offers a wide variety of tools for you. So you need to know about them and use them accordingly. Let’s talk about the tools Sketch offers for designers in general, and their pros and cons.

Design tools:

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The easiest to work with for many people is the tool called Sketch. Sketch is a free and open-source sketching program. In fact, it’s also a very good design tool for web designers. There are a lot of templates and assets you can use in your designs.

You can download free templates for Sketch by clicking here. Some templates will be available even later on in the year. Another option to use is Sketch Up, but it’s free only for 2 weeks.

The full package of tools can be easily used by professional designers. However, the free version can’t save you much time. When the time comes to make a design with design assets there is no better tool for you to use than Sketch.

Also, there is plenty of free templates for you to download if you want to create a website and app. Most of them are quite simple to make.

3 – What kind of assets do you need to work in Sketch?

The amount of assets you need depends on the type of application you use. You need to keep in mind the following things:

How far into the design process you are. Even if you make the design while you have finished the app code, it may be difficult to see if those assets really look good, and which ones you need to replace.

Design assets will

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