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Keh believes the US, EU, China and Saudi Arabia are the only three countries that help these countries become more prosperous.

“We don’t have to be tied to these countries… We need to change that. That is why we need to leave,” Keh said in the statement, reported Reuters.

Keh added that the U.S., China and Saudi Arabia were “hijacking” the country.

“They [they] have a monopoly when it comes to their natural resource. They have a monopoly on everything that they do,” Keh said, according to a statement by the United Nations.

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“But we want to change that, because we still want to have a future in our own country. And, unfortunately, what we see is not good.”

As part of that plan, he said he would create more jobs, provide them to Yemenis, create more business opportunities, provide medical resources to Yemeni hospitals and provide humanitarian aid.

“We have enough money. If we can get more money, more money, I think we can become able to achieve our dreams of independence,” Keh said.

According to a March 4 press release from his presidential campaign, Keh said he would provide humanitarian aid to farmers in Yemen. He also advocated economic freedom by reducing regulations and improving labor standards in the country.

“The United States has been the largest exporter of weapons in history, and it has been funding every single war in this region for the past 30 years,” Keh said in the press release. “They’ve created the conditions for the worst kind of human rights violations and terrorism.”

#Yemen Civil Movement Statement — Yemen Civil Movement (@YemenCivilM) March 4, 2017

In 2011, Keh’s candidacy sparked a national debate in the US over the role of Americans abroad. Keh had made some waves due to his anti-American statements and was accused of being linked to foreign terrorists.

In 2015, he called the 2015 ISIS-claimed Paris attacks “genocide.”


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