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The same thing happens on social media. When you post, people respond. The next thing that comes to mind is “This photo looks so perfect and it must be me.” But is it? This is a difficult question. It involves a number of factors:

It’s hard to know for sure. Photo editing, like many other media types, depends primarily on the quality of the photo. If it’s your best picture, no action is required. If you’re posting a snapshot from a day that’s hard on your eyes, the “no action” line can become a no-brainer. If you’re posting with the intention to sell something, it’s better to check your social media for “actionable info.”

In this post, we discussed how many steps you should take before editing a photo.

However, the “no action” line is not enough to justify editing the photo; it only explains what can happen if you do. After all, why take pictures in the first place? But you’ve already taken them. It’s not as if there are hundreds of photos you could edit, so you might as well make the best of them! As always, you’ll want to decide on your own personal best when you’re taking actionable photos.

To apply this knowledge, in the “Best Actionable Photos” post, we covered 13 easy steps for editing your best images.

We’ve also posted a few more photo editing tips, including tips for editing photos that look great without editing them, and tips for editing photos that are worth editing.

So, without further delay, let’s talk about the steps you should take before editing your best photos.

1. Determine how much the photo is worth.
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If you’re creating a series of photos that you plan to sell, for example, you’ll typically create three separate shoots per project. Each shoot will include one image. There should be an edit, and the final product will be a product, or a collection of images, that people can choose as well as buy.

As with many things, it’s a hard question. When you are selling a project via social platforms, there may be little information beyond a quote (or maybe no quote at all) and the fact that the project will be on your web properties or online store. You need to be able to explain what you are charging, the image, and who should get it. If you don’t, and you’re wondering if the photo should

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