How do you create a photography portfolio? – How Do You Get Money From Youtube Videos

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Well, first of all, I did not use any fancy website to sell my photography.  I chose a simple and very quick and effective photo management system:  I upload my photos to Facebook.  And then I upload them to Flickr.  But that takes some time because to upload one image to each service you need to do these steps:
Step 1: Sign-up on Facebook Step 2: Join Facebook group for photography (this is important!)  Step 3: Post an upload link to group and post the link in your Facebook profile and profile pictures (so people know where to click to see your uploads)  Step 4: Create post with your photo and link it to Facebook page Step 5: Add photo to group and follow instructions here : My Facebook “page” is  here , but it will be more convenient for you to use my Flickr and Pinterest for photo management.  In any case, you should use one of these services to post your photo.
After you finish upload, you can upload to multiple photo communities:  Flickr , Facebook and Twitter.  After you upload photos to these communities, you will receive a notification. You can either share your image on your social networks with a comment or post it to our blog .  And after you do these things, your post will show up in our photo community on Facebook. 
I suggest you create at least one or two photo albums to showcase your photography.  As said before, I am not sure about selling photos because I can’t remember the last time I went to the camera store and bought a camera, but in case you have one – keep it for yourself!
After you set up and make money through your photography, you can go back to your business and take pictures for other people to see.

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