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A good idea of what you want to improve and what you feel is a good fit for your dog and the area in which you live. A lot of dog walkers think they work because of their dog’s appearance rather than their skills and knowledge, as some people have assumed. If the area is not the best fit for your breed and your walker is not a good fit for you, contact your veterinarian.

What do you need to be a guide dog trainer? In Australia you need an Australian Level 6 certificate which entitles you to be called a dog walker training officer [DWA]. You should also be qualified in one of the following dogs: guide dog


sport dog


snow dog

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sporting dogs You can apply to be issued with a dog walker training officer certificate or a DWA.

What do you need to be a canine officer? Some dogs walkers use certain breeds as guide dogs, tracking dogs or sports dogs. We recommend you contact your local dog walking club or the Animal Welfare League of NSW before you apply.

What do you need to be a person in training or a dog trainer? You can work in the training profession if you’re a recognised member of a recognised training association, like a DAA or AWA. You’ll want to have knowledge of: what training has been offered at a professional level to dogs (usually dogs, though there will be breeders and trainers) at all stages of their lives

how to evaluate training and progress to certified dog walker

how to develop and deliver training programs that build on the knowledge learned

what it means to be a dog manager or owner. This may include how to manage your own dog and managing another dog, but this is not a qualification in dog management for example.

What do you need to be a registered veterinary practitioner? You don’t need to be a registered veterinary practitioner in the NSW or ACT to work as a dog walker – most dog walkers only work if you are, but vets may be qualified in other areas where they can practise – especially veterinary medicine. Find out if you’re a qualified veterinary practitioner.

How much do you make? Most dog walkers only spend a few hours a week at a dog park and a lot more time training each dog through agility and obedience work. Most dog walkers will make at least $30 a week but some have had

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