Do you need a license to sell pets? – Pet Age Magazine Circulation

No. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife has an open market for all pet food products, including dogs and cats. It has a Pet Food License. Contact your local agency for current information about purchasing licenses for wildlife products.

Do you have a license?

Yes, the California Animal Control and Care Facility has a license to sell pets to licensed pet owners in California. Contact your local agency for current information.

Do you have a permit to sell animals?

No, there is no state permit as of yet to sell animals. Contact local wildlife management agencies and ask for assistance in obtaining a license.

Can you buy animal control animals for yourself?

No. Animals can only be acquired by a legal vendor who is required by law to collect certain fees. Learn about wildlife management officers.

When you have an animal your own, you cannot sell it. When you have someone else’s animal you can make arrangements to have someone else take it from you if you so wish. Keep a copy of the order form for these arrangements so you can keep your registration form.

What does it mean to keep a wild animal as a pet?

A wild animal is any large dog or cat that is not a domesticated member of the species listed below on the California Control of Interruptive Behavior for Non-Humans.

A wild animal generally cannot be kept on premises in California except when provided on a limited basis for research, scientific or training purposes.

A wild animal may be kept as a guide animal in a way that allows for appropriate handling and control of the animal, but such animals must be managed in accordance with all other state and federal laws, rules and regulations governing guide animal use and maintenance. These rules may differ from those in effect in the state where the animal is kept when not kept for research, scientific or training purposes.

It must be established that the animal is an invasive species species or introduced species species.

It must be established that it is a nuisance or has demonstrated detrimental or undesirable effects upon, or on the wildlife of, the state.

In order for the animal to continue to be considered a wild animal, it must be kept in a location that the person, agency or person acting under authority determines is free of all wild or introduced animals. It must be maintained with such an environment so that when it is cared for the health and well being of the animal will continue to be improved.

Where can I take wild

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