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The most popular food types for dog food cost between $3.50 and $7.00 per pound.

However, a brand in the $4.00-$6.00 per pound range could be a good value for the money. Some breeds and products have specific nutritional content and may require a little more or less protein per pound of food to be a good option over standard dog food.

Why should I feed my dog premium dog food?

As we mentioned above, dogs require high doses of specific healthy nutrients (specific amino acids, vitamins and minerals), and they also need complex carbohydrates such as complex carbohydrate foods to digest and absorb them. Premium dog foods have a higher protein content and are packed with high quality foods containing natural ingredients.

The high concentrations of protein, antioxidants and minerals in premium dog foods make them more bioavailable to your dog as well as to other animals. Some people prefer high protein dog food to other options because it can be nutritionally beneficial to dogs who don’t have a large digestive system. For these dogs, a higher amount of protein will be required.

Premium dog foods also supply more nutrients (calories, nutrients and vitamins), such as Vitamin C, Zinc, Iron and the more common B Vitamins including B6, B12, Riboflavin, Niacin and Pantothenic Acid.

Premium dog foods are often formulated to provide essential fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and essential fats as well as enzymes that help maintain healthy and strong teeth (for instance, the amino acid, trypsin inhibitor, prevents plaque formation, as well as the anti-inflammatory, salicylate, which helps improve and maintain dental health in both humans and dogs).

Other Benefits of Premium Dog Food

There are many different benefits to feeding premium dog food. Some of them include:

Lower Carbohydrate diets, a benefit with healthy dogs and cats – Many people feed premium dog foods with the following benefit:

Lower carb diets are usually more expensive compared to the cheaper or whole-grain foods because it takes more time to make premium dog food. However, it is possible to feed premium dog food without the need of making the whole-grain dog food.

Some people are concerned that premium pet foods can cause allergies in the dogs. There has been recent research which has shown that premium dog foods do not have any allergy potential; it has been suggested that premium dog food is a safe option for people with allergies.

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