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This is a complex question. For example, if you have provided your dog a comfortable place to sleep, it is considered a taxable service.

How do you determine the taxable portion of your pet’s meals?

Generally, each day your pet is eating a meal is a taxable service. If the meal meets one of the three rules for serving in a restaurant—or if your restaurant was specifically exempted from the meal tax—your dog would be eligible for a $12.90 per portion meal credit on your property taxes. The $12.90 meal credit is paid to the county, if applicable, and to the county tax official if there are more than 3 pets on your property (the tax official may use your credit to offset the tax you owe for another pet on the property).

Is a pet tax credit allowed if you give or lend your dog a meal?

Yes, but remember: your business is not considered a service business if you provide meals to your pets.

If the meal service is provided to a service business that is exempt from the business meals tax, your pet service is not exempt from taxes on its meal service. To qualify for special property tax deduction (available to you only if you own or are the owner of service business property), your pet service would have to be provided to a service business that meets three conditions.
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In the case of a meal service offered as an exception to the business meals tax, the only condition would be in the event the meal service is provided to another person who is not a service business, such as the owner or business manager of another service business. If the meal is provided as a general requirement for the dog walker serving the pet, the other person’s food would be free.

Generally, a business owned by an incorporated person located at an incorporated business address may elect not to file its annual income tax return, and it is likely this would apply to your service business, even though it would qualify for special tax deduction.

Does the pet tax credit apply to my pet’s meals?

Each day your dog is eating a meal is a taxable service. However, if your dog is fed a portion of a meal and then returned to the owner’s business, that cost is considered a taxable cost of providing the business meal.

What if my cat or bird is treated as a service animal?

The cat or bird would be treated as a service animal provided it is fed a meal and then “returned”

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