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Can I not leave the car with my dog in it?

You do not have to leave the car with your dog in it. It is legal to leave the car and leave your dog with someone else. And it is legal to transport a dog without a harness for the purpose of exercise.

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If the dog is more than 10 pounds, the owner of the dog must have an emergency license or permit to bring the dog into this state. If the dog is more than 8 pounds and more than 2 years old, the owner of the dog must have a permit for the purpose of training and must carry the permit at all times with him or her while carrying the dog.

Is it illegal to have an unrestrained pet in a vehicle?

Yes. It is illegal in Washington to have a pet in a car unless the person driving the vehicle has a permit issued by us and if he or she is operating in the car, the car must be under the direction of a registered owner, who must be at least 21 years old.

If you own a kennel on an outdoor lot with a pet that is not yours, it is illegal to keep the pet with you while you work there.

Can I have an unrestrained pet in my car if I get in a collision with another vehicle?

The law allows you to have some pets on each vehicle. The other driver can only be cited if he or she hits the other party when you are not in the car. If a dog is injured or if the vehicle you are in is struck by another vehicle, there is no other way to be found guilty of this crime. All other evidence from the accident may be used to prove this, including video surveillance.

Can I still have my pet in my car if the vehicle I am entering is not mine?

No. If the pet is not yours, it is against state law to allow the pet in your vehicle. There must also be a reasonable amount of space between the pet and the other car. The vehicle must be stopped at least 10 feet from the pet and at least 20 feet from the curb of the other vehicle.

How can I get a permit for my pet?

If you get your permit from our office and put in your permit number and name, your permit should show on it. It is not necessary to sign the permit at the front door. We will mail you a permit at no charge once you have it at home.

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