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Pets sitters are paid an hourly rate based on the number of hours they do a day. There are many other types of pet sitters who also work for pet sitters, and most don’t get paid. Some sitters may also receive commissions and/or tips from their clients.

Salaries range from $8-15 an hour depending on the work and experience required and their location. The majority sit for one to six months before they’re hired full time. Some siters are hired part-time as a side-career and then full-time. A few sitters also are paid an hourly rate only after performing a minimum number of hours.

How much do pet sitters receive?

Most pet sitters receive a base salary for the day they are hired and for the number of hours they work. Some sitters get paid bonuses based on how often they work and what their income is. The amount of extra money varies from pet sitter to pet sitter, and is usually more for large cities. The salary of a pet sitter depends on the amount of work they do in a day, the time they spend on them, the cost of food and beverages, and other expenses. Many sitters also get paid overtime, such as the number of hours a day they work. Many sitters work in a variety of different positions or roles at a restaurant, such as:

Delivery person





Taco Kitchen manager

Bakery owner/operator

Food Manager

A typical Pet-Siting salary can range from $11.50 – $36.00 an hour depending on where they work, the time a sitter can be seen, the cost of their groceries, and any extras the customer may request. They don’t typically earn extra wages or bonuses such as a percentage of the business’ profit.

Who should I contact with general questions about pet sitter jobs?

Find or call a local pet sitter company today. They might be able to help you find a suitable dog sitter. You could also start by asking a friend to sit with you. There are also many online pet sitter companies that cater to dog sitters.

Can a dog sitter stay away from their dogs?

Not in all cases. Most sitters work very closely with their dogs. Dogs should be given plenty of exercise to help them recover their

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