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You could say that the first question a new mother asks of a newborn baby is, “Can I hold your hand?”

The answer to that question has been hotly contested in the past for various reasons β€” the theory being that it means they’re not the first ones to hold a newborn, meaning someone has been there before (that’s a whole other question, but it should get your blood pumping).

Regardless of how you ultimately decide to approach this question, this is a fact. I’ll try and dispel some of the misinformation and myths out there, but first, let me offer a little backstory. Back when I was a newly minted mom, my first baby (whom I had named Lucy) turned one year old the next Monday, May 17. In the week that followed, her body was in a constant state of healing; she started to feel a lot better about herself, and we started to see some results as early as her 10th birthday.

By her 16th birthday, I’d begun to realize we were going to have a lot more going on than Lucy could handle alone. So I began to ask that question of her.

After a few more days of “twee” moments, “can I hold you”, and “can I hold your hand…?” I asked, in disbelief, what I should do for Lucy when her hand suddenly started to grow longer and longer and longer. As it turned out, I had absolutely no idea what the heck I should do for this newborn. Was I supposed to hold her hand a lot? Were their thumbs big enough for the “me” part of my motherhood role, or the “us” part?

Eventually, I decided on something that worked for me β€” I was going to “give” her something to hold onto by holding her hand. At first, I didn’t really know what I was doing β€” all this thinking and talking had just begun at this point β€” but when her hand got big enough, I just assumed that holding her hand was the best way for me to protect and support her when all else seemed to be crumbling around me.

There were a few little details that helped in the process. Her favorite word was hers, which is pretty sweet and makes sense. Also, she’d started to call her hand my hand.

And finally, I was lucky enough to become her “second mom”. Because

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