Which coaching certification is best?

CELTA is the best certification by far with our high performance coaching for football. But if you have a very good coach, then it is not so important how the coach is certified. I know there are coaches who can certify in a few different ways, but I recommend the CELTA in my opinion. So, it is in that regard CELTA is a great recommendation. It is not something that you have to decide as an individual. The coach is very important. The certified coach has some sort of experience that has helped their certification.

How do you know I’m not a professional football player, as the other questions were questioning my skills?

I get a lot of emails by players who are curious about coaching. They’re trying to find a coach and get help. There are also some coaches who are not so good. So it’s good to know who we believe to be a good coach.

How are you different?

I believe in very close communication with our young players. A lot of players ask us what do I think they should do. This is not so easy to answer but it’s important for us to ask because we care deeply about the kids. We understand the impact for our kids and we want to give our kids good advice in an honest way.

What’s the difference between a football coach and a school counselor?

A team has a coach in many parts. A team also has a team coach in the front office and some staff members are also part of the coaching staff. So we have a coach and staff but we have a different system in our coaching. Our system is a coach and a team.

What is a good football player?

We like a good footballer. We will talk about a footballer in the team first. And, in our opinion, not too many football players are good enough to become football staff because for a player to become a football staff, he has to do a lot of preparation and he has to perform. We take that seriously because we need players that we trust more than football staff.

Is football a team sport?

Football at its best is a team sport just like a basketball team or an ice hockey team or any team sport in general. I believe in keeping the competition between the players but I don’t feel the same way that a player is the coach.

How do you stay fit?

You have to be strong physically. In football, there is plenty of training