Is life coaching in demand?

Yes. We must be able to teach children in the future as they may well never come to the same place that we did!

What are you really teaching your students if not ‘hard life lessons?’ If you’re not using them wisely, they will come to your own conclusion that you are not the right person for them.

How much do you pay for your coaching? As much as we like to pay money, what happens afterwards is that the client who wants to take their life coaching course will find out that there is a ‘business model’ to all these courses, which means you are offering to give them a training course, in order to become a coach.

You want your clients to know this, which you are not allowed to tell them?

If you are offering a training course, there is absolutely nothing the client can do about it.

Do you sell yourself short to clients? No. If you feel that you will be able to do it, then you should do it.

Why do your courses cost so much? We offer no-fee coaching courses in all fields or subjects, we teach all ages, genders and abilities, we are available during the week to do all kinds of sessions, we can offer any kind of training. We will show you how to do it with our online video tutorials, or in one of our workshops on our website.

MUMBAI: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a speech at the launch of a Rs 11 crore programme run by the Centre to train and educate 2.5 million kids in rural Maharashtra on modern farming techniques.Maharashtra has emerged as one of the most agricultural states in the country, producing 25% of the total produce in the country.The programme is designed to bridge the gap for farmers as they continue to be forced to invest heavily and hire non-farm labour or migrate to other states to find work.”With this commitment on our part we are making a big contribution in the cause of agriculture; especially in rural Maharashtra, which can’t rely on agriculture alone,” he had said.Modi said the programme will help farmers to improve productivity, while increasing farm land in the state. He said there was a need to promote agricultural activities in rural areas because the farmers are often maligned and treated unfairly.Earlier, in an effort to address the situation of rural workers such as migrants, Modi had announced that a total of Rs 5,000 crore would be invested this year for training and education of farm youth. In the past