What skills are needed to be a life coach? – Christian Life Coach Business Names

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A. In order to be a life coach, you need to have the following:

• Excellent listening skills

• Great communication skills

• Great judgment skills

• Superior understanding of the emotional nature of a specific situation

• Practical experience as a life coach, either as a self-employed consultant, or as an on-site client.

B. For this position, the candidate must also be fluent in the communication skills needed for life coaching.

Do you offer private coaching?

A. Yes, we do offer private coaching services. To learn more about this program click here.

C. Yes, we also offer online coaching services via Skype. To learn more about this program visit here.

Why were you hired?

A. There are times when you need a life coach and you know what that looks like. I wanted to make sure you are given options that best fit your needs. I have known many individuals who have lost their jobs following medical crises due to bad coping skills. Some may have lost family members and friends while others have suffered a great hardship. We have clients who are unemployed, single, divorced, widowed, or have other health related issues.

B. Our clients often have specific needs, such as:

• Workaholics

• Individuals with health concerns

• Individuals who are under pressure from a workplace to provide good news to other employees

• The self-employed

• Individuals who are under stress associated with financial issues

• Individuals with mental health issues

• Individuals with specific medical conditions

C. When interviewing candidates for this position we do ask what type of work you do. We prefer that you have a strong background in counseling or life coaching. However, if you want to be a life coaching employee you should have at least 8 years of experience with someone with such a specific skill (e.g.: life coach; business coach, life coach) as you are applying.

Is this a full-time or part time position?

A. This position is full-time. There is an equal opportunity policy.

B. Full-time positions include Saturdays, and work Saturdays and Sundays.

Do you offer scholarships?

A. We do offer scholarships to our clients, but we are limited to three awards per term. We only pay for the first academic term after winning a scholarship.

B. These scholarships are awarded based

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