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In order to coach and take classes at the University, you must purchase a “Courses Package” for $350.00, at the time of your application deadline.

The “Courses Package” includes the following three courses and a one-on-one tutoring session:

CS 609: Principles of Computer Science

CS 614: Introduction to Software Engineering

CS 610: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Computer Games

How do I apply for coaching positions?

The Application Period for each coach position can be found on the UBC Calendar; you must complete and send by the deadline specified in your application. The course and tutor scheduling dates have been determined from the UBC calendar and are the most convenient time to schedule your application. Applications that have already been posted by the deadline will not be reviewed. All applications and documentation must be submitted via the online system using only single-entry email addresses, to be able to ensure compliance with federal regulations (the UBC Online System). Please review our FAQ’s regarding use of single-entry email addresses or send us your questions by E-mail at if you have questions regarding this process.

I have a question about the application process.

We are proud of the role UBC has played in bringing computer programmers to the university community, with more than 100 computer programming jobs currently open in the UBC Computer Science Program.

Your application may also take 2 to 3 weeks to complete and be reviewed by our admissions committee.

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