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We want to be very clear that the term “life coach” is broad! You may be a coach for more specific things such as life changing events to the child or your own goals. Other people calling themselves coaches may have more specific roles such as parenting/advice for your children. What we mean by a “life coach” is anyone that has the skill and insight to guide you and help you reach your personal goals.

“Life coach” doesn’t have to apply for an MBA degree!

Our goal is to get you to your goal. We don’t want your success to be based on how many students come to your school. We want your success to be based on your own personal growth. As such, the way we handle admissions is different than other schools. We only require a minimum GPA of 3.5 and will admit as few as 20 applicants so your application is more than valid. This program is an ideal fit for those with no college experience, just enough education to apply and a little bit of passion for the subject.

Who doesn’t qualify?

You need to have lived in the United States for a minimum of one year. You also must be willing to take an 8 week intensive coaching course. We do not require any experience, but would prefer candidates with 2,500 hours of experience.

How much are the fees?

The total cost of tuition, school fees, and transportation is $40,000 a year, per student. The costs vary depending on which school you qualify for, but the average price for an undergraduate degree is $54,500 a year.

Where are the courses?

Course offerings vary among schools. Some offer online, some require classroom sessions, and some may provide a wide variety of classes. Regardless the course, you will be receiving a complete program that will guide you to your goal.

What makes you different from other programs?

Most schools look to the MBA to help them land students. While an MBA degree does give you the credentials for employment, it is not the only path. You need to have more than college experience and some schools can only offer one path. We view the MBA program as building on your educational and life experiences. Your MBA background will help you with a few key areas on the path but you will have other choices.

Are you part of a company?

Yes. We offer online classes as well as face to face sessions with students from across the nation. Our

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