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When there are a number of people involved. This includes getting yourself into a relationship. What I’m telling you is that the relationship and the life coaches are different. Most people are in business careers and they don’t want to become divorced and they don’t want to lose whatever they are doing. Sometimes you meet and you’re working with someone who is divorced but they have a business life and they love it. So, why not give the marriage and career relationship a lift!

As a relationship coach (or any other life coach), what makes you the best?

I am the person who knows people and they have done their thing. I am somebody who understands the process and the problems and they have solved them. With those people, you want to learn how he’s feeling and how she’s feeling and why she’s not doing it. You want to help them out. I am a person who can make people do things they don’t want them to do. So with love and a relationship, I am really good. I don’t want to just make them feel good. I want to help them achieve their dreams.
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How are you finding your business? Are you in business with one specific provider?

I do business all through New York. I own myself, but I’m doing it with a team and I would love to do business with someone specific. I just want a good life for myself. Right now, I can talk people into it if I’m good. If you are good, you know where it needs to be. The best thing is if everything works. You can see how you’re living, the type of things you are trying to do. So, if you see these things and you want them, you should do it.

How does a woman go about looking at a trainer for herself? Is there any kind of process?

A woman can look at what I do and she’ll think “this is great.” You need to listen. This is what I know. I have a history of not saying nothing. I don’t say things that sound wrong so people say “what’s this?” What’s that? Oh, I have a problem with this? OK. I don’t say that. OK. What’s going on? The other person is going to be able to speak about it. And it is a great thing for them.

Do you hear a lot of women have their issues with marriage and divorce? Are most women looking for a life coach

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