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I’ve been a coach, teacher, and now, accountability coach for over three years now. The last four to five years I’ve been teaching accountability for school systems. I’m not going to write a book to tell you this, but many people have asked me “How did you become an accountability coach?”

The short answer is that it’s not very much like any other job. Accountability coach isn’t like any other job. You don’t start by setting goals and creating a system and setting up a meeting with your child and a review after each meeting. Accountability coach has absolutely nothing to do with education.

What are the benefits of starting as an accountability coach?

One of the main advantages of starting as an accountability coach, besides the fact that you get a great compensation check, is the ability to build a group of people that will follow your work. The accountability team of individuals is going to have your back and have your back as your work continues along. You don’t want an accountability team that follows behind you. Everyone has a specific job and work to be accomplished.

In the past, I did the work with individuals that were really committed, that loved our work, and were willing to work together. But for some reason this didn’t work. You need a more organic approach where you’re going to be working with individuals that are driven and that have a passion for the work you’re doing.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given by an accountability coach about this job?

The single best piece of advice I’ve been given is, if you want to lead a team, then find an accountability coach. That is the only way that you are going to get people to follow your lead. Accountability coaches will know your needs on a very deep level, and they are going to have a plan or framework by which to address issues. They are going to be willing to talk honestly with you about how they see things moving forward in your child’s life.

Can you tell me more about “The 3 Holes of an Accountability Coach”?

The idea behind the 3 holes of an accountability coach is that it’s all about making sure that children are being held accountable and being accountable for their actions. They are also responsible for their success. The 3 holes of an accountability coach are:

1. Building a group of people to follow your work: We build a group of people to follow your work because one of the goals of accountability coaching is to teach

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