What are the two types of coaching? – Coach Waiver Form

1. Coaching – when you want to be better.

Coaching is all about improving your ability to perform your specific skill set. If I want to be good at jumping, I’ll train myself to jump better. If I want to be great at volleyball, I’ll train myself to be better.

2. Learning – when you want to be good, but you don’t want to train yourself to be good.

Sometimes you want to learn how to jump. Sometimes you want to learn how to play volleyball. Sometimes you want to study for a test. But most of the time, you want to learn how to jump – learn how to perform that skill.

“It’s not about being more talented, it’s about being capable. If you don’t want to make a mistake, then learn how to. If you do want to make a mistake, then learn how to.” James A. Mattis

What type of coaching have I seen?

There are many different types of coaching available, which is why this question is going to be quite broad. Here are a few common styles of coaching:

1. “Practice and play to the level of your skills” – is teaching one way.

2. “Learn about your training and why you need it so that you can become great at it” – is teaching one way, and taking one step at a time.

3. “Coaches you to take action” – “The big thing in all this is to get things done. Don’t feel like you’re always just waiting to see if you start doing something. You have to do something first.” – Tim Ferriss

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What type of coaches do you use?

Do you run a coaching session with your wife and kids?

What is your favorite type of coaching?

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