Is life coaching in demand?

According to a 2012 survey by AON Corp., an investment advisory group, more than a third of adults have been offered a life coaching course.

Many companies, including American Express, American Express Card Issuer , American Express Business and American Express Travel Cards have already offered life coaching courses as an online service through the company Web site , an American Express representative said.

One of the most popular courses offered is entitled “Live a Life of Joy.” It takes a customer through the course design process and provides the person with helpful guidance that will allow him or her live a life of enjoyment through the design and process of designing and selling an award-winning product.

Some of the courses offer advice on how to find a good job, including a series on “Finding a Job and a Great Personality in 10 Easy Steps,” the course designer said.

“We want the customer to know that AON has helped them get what they need to make a living,” said the representative. “Their success will be judged solely on their performance and results. It’s all about how the customer turns things around.”

There are two steps to becoming a life coach: selecting a client and signing an agreement that allows the client to contact the coaching professional in the event the customer doesn’t want to take that step. The first step is easy and the second can be tough, the representative said. In some cases, an employee of the provider will come to the life coach’s home address. Other times, the individual will need to be present in the client’s home with the life coach to help him or her complete the job application.

“There’s no magic wand or magic formula to a successful person,” the representative said. “In his or her quest for success, people are looking for the right person.”

The American Express representative also said he or she has offered to help prospective clients who are unable to attend the course, because the company offers other types of coaching and is available to handle any problem they may have with the course. The company offers other services outside its education program, for example, as a health and wellness Coach, a Personal Assistant and a Web Site Manager.

What do I need to do to become a life coach?

To become a life coach, you must have a Master’s of Business Administration with at least 10 years experience, a bachelor’s degree with at least 2,500 hours of credit at an accredited university and three years of practice in professional coaching.

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