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In terms of therapy, there are a lot more options than there are people. There are some people who want to change the coach. But to me, that’s a huge ego thing to ask for a person to change; that’s a very different process.

There have been studies of coaching therapy. A lot of things were reported. A lot of research came out. It seemed to help most people: the majority had a better chance of getting into a better job, or their income goes up, and their mental health is better, or they have less depression. [If you’re diagnosed with depression] your mental health takes a big hit. So, that’s one of the benefits that some players like to have as part of the coaching process — that people can have a better day, or they get better.”

That’s a big deal to me, too.

“Absolutely, it’s important that you’ve done something. It’s important for players when they can go in the gym after work, even if they’re not out. They can have good sessions. It’s important for a player to take advantage of it, at least. I think with all coaching, if you’re trying to help, you can. You have to take advantage of the benefits from a player’s mind, their body, their behavior. I think sometimes in the past there wasn’t as much, or at it was the other way. There are ways that, you know, you can take advantage of this, but the player is always going to be the one who’s doing the work, and he is doing it.”

In the case of DeSean Jackson, he’s said he’s looking forward to working with the Ravens, because he likes the franchise so much. But he has said he is interested in other opportunities:

“Absolutely, I know that’s a possibility.”

So why not take that route?

“There are a bunch of reasons.”

Is it time?

“In the past, I did think it would come. And in the last six, seven years, it seems like it doesn’t. It’s a matter of whether I want to do it. I like the organization, I like the city. I like working here in L.A. I’m comfortable here. I know my family, the guys here. And if I do take the opportunity, I think it will be the best opportunity for me to get in my body and get right back to my

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