How is a life coach different from a therapist? – Name Ideas For Life Coaching Business

A life coach has a specific purpose. Most life coaches have an established relationship with the client and don’t use their own life and health as a “me too” issue. They see themselves more as providing education about personal growth and how to move past the past, so that people can move forward in the direction they choose.

A life coach typically focuses on the emotional, behavioral, and spiritual aspects of their work.

The difference in the role between a life coach and a therapist boils down to how much and when you need to attend to your emotional needs.

A life coach:

Provides a safe place to be when you feel overwhelmed or are upset.

Is there a point in the day when they don’t feel like going to work, school, and sports?

Has an open-door policy in working with kids and teens.

Maintains regular phone conversations with the client or their family.

Gives guidance when issues are resolved.

Develops a rapport with the client on a daily basis.

A therapist:

Doesn’t go out of their way to ensure they get out of bed every morning or feel like they need to sleep in every night.

Is usually paid by the hour or monthly, usually based on the hours someone needs to work.

Is more emotionally demanding in how they work with their clients.

Gets paid during office hours when they need to work.

Usually has a limited job description and is only a part-time employee.

Has no power of attorney and the client doesn’t have the opportunity to appoint a representative.

Is not allowed to give personal attention to one client if the client is not ready or not healthy enough to do so (for example a mental health patient).

Is not allowed to give financial advice to the client – in other words, don’t ask the client to finance a trip, a birthday or a vacation.

Is not allowed to prescribe medications to clients.

Can’t be fired or suspended from employment.

May be terminated, disciplined or otherwise disciplined during or after work hours.

A life coach won’t talk to you or let you work with them for anything other than to help your family with life issues. A therapist will talk to you about things outside of the client’s life, but you shouldn’t expect a relationship with that therapist to be a lifetime commitment like one with a therapist.

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