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It’s true that the great coach will find their way to a particular organization. And while I hope that you find the success that you seek at your desired level of success, it’s not likely; a good career is something that can be forged in a long-term relationship over time.
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I hope that you find the opportunity to coach at a particular level; if not, or if you don’t find this type of path attractive, consider what you can control, what you can look forward to in your long-term career, and then follow your desire. A coaching career is different – in any business – than being an NHL player or a pro sports team. A coach can have a better, more fulfilling life than a fan-base can have, and this is a wonderful thing.

A good coaching career is not a guaranteed career, or an easy one. It’s also not guaranteed to last ten, twenty or thirty-five years. If you want it bad, you must work for it.

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