How much does a life coach session cost? – Pinterest Life Coach Business Cards

Are there any fees associated with coaching in your area?

The cheapest option for a life coaching session is $45 plus an additional $5 for transportation. Most reputable life coaches charge more than that for their session. So, that’s the cost of the session.

Do they get any sort of commission?

No. Life coaches get no profit for their services other than for the time they spend in the sessions. We do charge a 2% commission on the services we perform on your behalf.

How do I know if a particular life coach is reputable?

Before going to a specific coach, do your own research. Do not simply rely on the web site’s reputation. Ask your questions to professionals in your industry before you purchase a life coaching session.

Is a life coach really necessary for my situation?

A life coach is not necessary in any given specific situation, but as with any service, life coaching may be an excellent solution for certain people.

Is this thing legal?

Every state, city and school district has requirements for life coaches, so they must be licensed, registered and bonded to practice their profession.

I’m not going to go into specifics, but life coaching typically is considered to be a “private activity,” requiring a specific license and special training. It’s not like a doctor who treats someone, or a school counselor who helps students. It’s not a commercial activity or service.

What happens if I choose not to use a life coach?

If you do not use a life coach, the person may not meet your needs. There’s no guarantee that this person will follow the program to the letter. No matter what, if you don’t give your input, the person may not be able to deliver on promises. The decision to do business with any person must be made in the best interests of your life. Your financial success is at least as important as whether the person can provide a full-time job for you.

What if I want to move from my home city?

You may have to live in a different city for at least six months before you can move out.

I can’t find a life coach to help me with problems in my personal life. How can I find one?

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