How many clients does a life coach have? – Good Life Coaching Business Names

What are their average fees? Who are they working for?

A life coach is someone whose name you will hear at a conference or a conference-related event. There’s an argument to be made that they do more than simply write down what a client tells her or him. Some of these people are professional counselors, others are personal trainers (who are actually licensed in Florida); some, like myself, are even business coaches! But what a life coach does is to put people in touch with a way of thinking; they provide an exercise that’s meant to help you learn that way of thinking, so that the client can use that technique when she needs to. What’s even more unusual is that you’ll see the same coach, usually a woman, being the one to teach you the latest “hot” exercise to take your life by storm.

What about the average fee? I’m not going to even mention what some people think of the fees when they find out they’re working for one. You’ll need a big bank account to pay the fees (which for some people probably include “renting your apartment” in their name); that bank account isn’t always available, and you’ll still have to pay for all those extra materials, including a lot of the coaching, which can cost you upwards of $15,000. Even if you do hire an expert, you’ll still likely have to pay for a lot more.

The bottom line is that a life coach will charge you an average of $150 per hour, for up to three people. But remember, this isn’t the price for a “specialist”; it’s the price you have to pay for help with life. And if you think that a life coach is overcharging, you’re probably wrong; in fact, with the exception of some personal injury experts, their fee is typically a lot (if not quite a million) less than the amount most other coaches charge. I was told that a life coach’s fee ranged from $250 to $500 with a few more people in the $250 to $500 range. It’s also important to note that you can’t expect to find the same amount of people in life coaching as in other fields. Most people working as life coaches work by the hour or by the day instead of the weekend or by the week. Many will just “get lucky” and be hired by individuals; they may be freelancers or people who have an abundance of time. And as you’ll notice, the majority of people doing

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