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The best way to really understand your own personality, the one to emulate, is to have a coaching session with a coach that you already love. The same is true in the realm of music. You must have a coach who has already learned something from you that you want to learn from him more. It is the same case with life coaches. You have to have someone to listen to you who can also listen to you, and who you trust, because that is how you grow. That coach is you. You have to have a coach who truly believes in you. You have to have a coach who will listen, who is compassionate and can support you. You have to have a coach who will listen.

“That person is the one most important in your life” – George Carlin

If you do that, you will truly enjoy your coaching session with a coach.

Why do I have to give my coach a personal mission statement?

The primary purpose of a personal mission statement is to help your life coach become a more relevant part of your life. One of the easiest ways to make a coach more relevant is to give him a unique mission statement.

Personal Strategic Plan | Templates at ...
You can see the example above where the coach has a mission statement, which is to make you the best you possible. His role is to help build your confidence and knowledge of yourself, to show you where you’re stuck, to help you identify where you have fallen down, and to help you move forward again.

If you look in any of my personal goal lists on my blog, you will often see one of these mission statements.

I always do a version of this when I meet up with my coaches. The purpose is to give them the opportunity to share what they have learned about themselves over the past year, so that they can really help you grow.

“If I can find an area where you’re not focused, then I will find ways to help you make improvements” – Tony Robbins

Why are my personal goal statements so important?

You see, personal mission statements are a lot easier to remember. So, I always give them out when I meet with my coaches. The reason is simple. I see them as a way to help my coaches learn how to make themselves relevant in the world, especially in their community.

What is a personal mission statement?

Here are some examples of personal mission statements:

I was raised by a loving family

I’m extremely grateful

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