How do I choose a life coach? – Functional Life Coaching

The best life coach is a person who inspires you to find great joy in your life.

To find a life coach, we looked for a person who you’d want to spend time with. That could help us determine whether this person has the skill to help you on a personal level, but it wasn’t about the money or prestige, either.

The person needed to live an extremely interesting and fulfilling life, and who also had enough fun to make it worthwhile.

To make it personal, we looked for life coaches who:

Served more than four people, including their spouses, over a ten year period, or for more than 12 straight months

Had a total income of under $50,000 per year

Were not known for high alcohol, drug, or gambling habits (although it helped!)

Were not known to have mental or physical health issues

They had an impressive career and/or college achievements

Served as an adjunct professor, mentor, sports coach or instructor

Provided their own financial resources and were always willing to offer mentorship and help

They were a member of a social community of people who would help, with at least one of the following: Attend a local service organization, school-sponsored organization, or youth group; volunteer in local non-profits; host a local children’s theater or other community event; run a local nonprofit and a local sports league of any kind; or run a local chapter of a faith group. (These are general guidelines.)

We also wanted to avoid coaches who were either paid, were involved in “tour” types of activities, or didn’t have a genuine connection to your lives beyond a professional relationship. The following coaching skills had to be shown:

Websites dedicated to your life (e.g., your blog, Facebook page, websites, or YouTube videos)

A dedicated social media presence

A Twitter or Facebook fan page (if available)

Amanda Wright-Certified Life Coach,Relationship Coach ...
A Facebook group dedicated to your life (i.e., memberships)

Served as an individual trainer, tutor, coach, counselor, speaker, teacher, or trainer

Did you like the list? What about the people we had mentioned? We’re sure if you had a good time with a different coach you had a great time too.

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