Can you make money life coaching? – How To Become A Coaching Psychologist

No way. I’ve never taken students for a fee from an advertising agency, but I do have clients that I’ve given consulting in the past.

And you teach at a university for a living?

Yes, and I’ll be getting paid this year by my university in the form of student fee. I’ve just moved back to the UK, and have a job here. A new book will be published in December, it will include three articles dealing with my experience and teaching.

You teach with a high standard of instruction and discipline and a positive attitude. What is your aim? What are your thoughts?

What I do is not to simply teach you how to be successful at life, nor to simply teach you what to do in terms of what you should do on a daily basis. It’s more of a self-awareness workshop into what the real problem is. This is not about teaching how to make money teaching, but to get the real message out – of course, as you learn how to make money life coaching, you can make more money teaching, or have more choices regarding where and when you will spend your time.

The goal is to get your students to wake up and recognise that their issues with life are a consequence of their circumstances, so that they are looking at what they can do to make a life changing change in their future, rather than simply reacting to the immediate reality of their circumstances. The main approach is to create a framework within which people can look back on their lives and to begin to make different choices.

What else would you like people to know about you?

I like to say my name with three dots (the first is in my head), and I have an interesting background. As a little boy, my family moved to the countryside in Surrey by rail. I was born in Kent, but spent almost my entire childhood on a train journey to go places I didn’t really live.

I had no friends except this one. There was this one guy called Chris, who was my hero, just an easy going lad. I went on the train journey and fell in love with him and my mum. We lived on trains and buses and my mum couldn’t tell me not to go to school, I had no choice really. She was never going to get up from her seat and put her hand on my shoulder and say, “There will never be any friends for you like this!”

But that moment has stayed with me ever since

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