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I have two in my school, and two in my office. The first is my main instrument, and I’m a beginner. The second is something I got for Christmas. Why is this so amazing? The second guitar is much thinner and lighter. The strings fit tighter and I feel more connected to the strings. When I teach, I ask the students to get close to the notes. This gives them more control. The thin and light guitar brings them closer to the sound too. It’s even easier to play with the guitar in your hands. I have it around me most of the time on the bus and in class, and I use it often.

This is by far my favorite instrument. Now I have a better connection with my voice and my melody.


We are a student-run club that provides space for students to network on any topic that matters to them, and to discuss ideas and learn from their peers using innovative technology, including the Internet, with the goal of improving themselves by connecting with other individuals around them on a shared mission to create a better tomorrow.

We believe that students, in order to be effective citizens, are expected to develop strong interpersonal skills. This is especially true of students in higher educational institutions, where students often face pressure to achieve in an academic setting. For this reason, it is vital for students to have an outlet for socializing that they can use after college.

We believe that the Internet has the power to make higher education a more welcoming environment, and we believe that students have an ethical obligation to use it as they must, in order to be the best people they can be in the world.

On August 29, 2000 in the center of Beijing, China the largest Chinese-backed coup in history took place, known as the “Red Navy operation.” The following article is an excerpt from the book The Great Game: The Real Reasons Behind the China/U.S. Wars in the Far East by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt and available here.

In the course of the Red Navy operation, on August 29, a military coup was staged by Jiang Zemin’s loyalist army to seize power that lasted for two days and two nights. As the coup leader, General Lu Yu, was being escorted into police headquarters, he had one key remark in mind from his position at the apex of the coup: the Red Navy operation was “no more than an act of war.” Lu Yu was the head of Jiang Zemin’s military faction, but

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