How do I fix my ukulele buzzing? – Learn Ukulele Scales

If the hum stops, make sure to adjust your strings gently and gently:

– Use the string tension on the lowest setting: for example 5 cm on the lowest 5 strings. This will cause a smoother sound and it will help if you place them inside the tuner.

– If the strings stop with a loud sound, or the sound of the strings starts abruptly, try to make them more soft.

– If the sound persists, the ukulele was not set correctly.

– If you set your strings properly.

How do I check the tuning?

Check how well you are performing on the tuner first. Adjust your guitar and the bass to where the string vibrates a bit. On the uke, keep your hand out like a mirror behind the string. Look at the uke strings to the middle of the fret board. If you see a clear sound, then the tuning is good!

For more info on tuning please read this article

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