What ukulele should a beginner buy? – Buy A Ukulele

a) I would say the basic instrument that all students play. but don’t expect any extra features, all instruments require good skill and effort – in my experience, beginners should go for something reasonably priced.

b) I would agree with your previous question, I would suggest that the instrument be considered beginner’s instrument. It would make an excellent beginner instrument, or it would come in handy for a beginner in a professional situation.

d) I would say that the beginner ukulele should not be overbuilt like that of a concert grand. I feel that there is a lack of clarity on this subject today, but this would be my idea, to have a simple, light instrument that you can carry in a pocket and play it in. I wouldn’t consider to go with a more expensive instrument.

e) The other thing that is important for a beginner, is that the ukulele should be used only for learning and practice, i.e., not for getting gigs, or at least not for recording music. I have come to believe that learning to play is the key for getting a regular job – which you just know…

In that sense, how do people start learning to ukulele?

a) I would say that the better ukulele players start with something like a ukulele-playing tape recorder (which you can get pretty cheap by the way) or with a ukulele teaching sheet (available online as well).

Then they can record themselves playing and learn how to feel the instrument and it’s keys. Then they can play with their ukulele to get familiar with its range and dynamics – it’s nice when you are able to be able to play in front of a metronome while being confident about your playing. Or a tape recorder can be used as well, so you can practice your singing or singing with the ukulele.

b) I would also add that a good ukulele teacher is necessary. They would bring you together with a good ukulele player with a good ukulele-playing tape-recording. The teacher would give you some tips on how your playing can be improved on a very basic level. Or they would play a ukulele for you while you learn its notes and rhythms. The teacher would also give you some notes and rhythms you have to memorize, so as to be able to play it and make it sound good

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