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If you’re new to the ukulele, then the pros and cons of the ukulele on Beginners Guide’s “Best Beginner Ukulele” page should help you decide if a beginner ukulele is right for you.

What’s the difference between a ukulele and a banjo?

A ukulele is just like a banjo but with different notes. There are no strings that they differ on and you don’t need much tuning to use them. Learn more about the Ukulele and Banjo (including why one is better than the other).

Why can’t I buy a new ukulele?

Ukuleles are not very common to buy, as they tend to cost around $500-1500.
the best ukulele

If you’re buying a new ukulele and you’re looking for an affordable option that’s a great place to start, I’ve got a recommendation for you that will fit your budget. I’m talking about my personal Top 5 Picks:

These are the ones that I think have become the gold standard of ukulele quality.

The first is my favorite because it’s an affordable choice. But don’t let that deter you, because it’s also a really solid instrument.

It’s great for beginners because it’s a great size for beginners to get started using the ukulele. And best of all, it’s the instrument I feel best complements my voice so well.

If you’re a pro like me, you will want to grab this instrument with the “Mold” or “Earl” pattern in the tuner and you’ll want to use the “Loud” pattern only.

Both of these features let you use the ukulele with the ukulele-like sounds of a banjo for really fun and exciting ukulele playing.

The other one is my personal favorite because it’s a very classic instrument, and it’s something I love the sound of. I actually had to buy this instrument and tune it up to get the best sound, but here’s what I ended up getting. I hope they make one for everybody sometime soon.

This is one of my favorite ukuleles in the world now that you know why it’s here at the top of my list.

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