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The following table explains the different notes in the ukulele string family.

Note Color Note Description 1b 5.7 bb.2 1c 5.7 cc.6 1d 6 bb.2 3b 5.7 bc.4 3c 6.6 bb.7

(CNN) Donald Trump has repeatedly refused to say if he’ll concede if he loses the election to Democrat Hillary Clinton, despite a petition by the two major American political parties asking him to.

The question stems from a leaked October speech in which the real estate mogul talked about a “rigged” presidential election and a “crooked media.” At the time, he said he’d “handle it the way I’ve handled every other thing in the campaign.”

He also pledged to “look at” the November election if he loses the race.

That’s what Trump has said he’d do if he were to lose the election. But there appear to be at least three potential scenarios under which he could concede the election at the party’s December convention, according to CNN analyst Larry Sabato, director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics and author of “The Bubble: The Modern Denial of American Politics.”
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A) He won it

Clinton, as expected, is “overjoyed” with the result of the election, said Sabato. While she said she’s happy the election has ended, she called the election a “hard-fought one” and doesn’t expect Trump to concede until after the election.

In other words, Trump could call the election a draw, if results favor him and the party’s delegates. He could wait, though, to determine what happens at the state and national conventions in the month of March.

B) Clinton lost

If Clinton loses and it’s clear it’s a close election, she would almost certainly concede.

A loss by Trump is still a blow to his GOP-dominated electoral map, but in many blue states such as Nevada, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Wisconsin, he’s likely to have a better chance of winning than Clinton.

In states that Trump is favored in — Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, for example — he could still win the Electoral College, the key to winning the presidency, since there is no path to a popular vote majority.

A Clinton loss is an overwhelming blow — even if it’s by an exceedingly narrow margin.

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